Why Leadership Commitment Won’t Guarantee Lean Success

There are a lot of cases in which leadership commitment is the cause of failures throughout any industry. However, there are cases in which improvement initiatives fail even though leaders are fully committed to the cause. Why is this?

In an article from Industry Week, author Rick Bohan writes, “It looks easier to implement than it turns out to be because lean strategy is camouflaged by an array of methods and techniques that seem as if they ought to be pretty straightforward”.

In this article, Bohan discusses:

  • Why some improvement initiatives fail
  • The importance of completely understanding lean strategy
  • Using strategies that do not cut cost

Bohan writes, “Successful lean implementations, then, start with a clear view of company strategy in the role of lean and supporting that strategy. If company leaders don’t have that clear view, no matter how committed they are initially to implementing tools and methods, they will lose that commitment and the energy that goes with it”. How can your company improve your lean strategy methods?

To read more, see the full article from  Rick Bohan in Industry Week.