Budget & Finance

As business becomes more complex and the demands on management and CFOs grow, it is increasingly difficult to find the time needed to adequately assess the trends affecting production and operations.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Our tax planning and research experts continuously monitor federal and state regulatory environments. We help our clients comply with all necessary tax requirements and help identify potential opportunities to reduce tax.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Whether you require a comprehensive evaluation of your current bookkeeping system or need to set up a new system from scratch, we can help.

Audit, Review & Compilation

At De Boer Baumann, we emphasize obtaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses through intense planning to enable timely and efficient financial statement engagements. Whether it’s for an audit, review or compilation, we can provide the level of service necessary to fulfill your financial statement needs.

Inventory Analysis

Proper inventory management is essential to ensure that a company has sufficient inventory on hand to meet the needs of both its customers and its operations. In some cases an excessive amount of inventory on hand can tie up cash and increase expenses.