Protecting Your Manufacturing Innovations from Foreign Competition

Many manufacturers distributors have moved their manufacturing and distribution process overseas for the lower labor prices. However, many times foreign competition is able to make their own similar innovation using even more cost efficient tactics. How can U.S. manufactures protect their innovations from foreign competition?

In an article from National Law Review author Robert Crouse writes, “Product developers know all too well that innovation and manufacturing and distribution can lead to substantial reductions in fabrication cost even though the product, once made, may be indistinguishable from competing products that are made using older and more expensive processes”.

In this article Crouse discusses:

  • Protection for the U.S. manufacturing and distribution process patent holder
  • Limitations on the protection
  • Unresolved issues regarding the protection of Section 271(g)

Crouse continues, “The implication here is that if protection for manufacturing and distribution innovation is limited to actions inside the United States, your attempt to stop those foreign made products from entering the United States may be frustrated”. How does your company protect its manufacturing and distribution innovations from foreign competition?

To read more, see the full article from Robert Crouse in National Law Review.