Guidelines for Successful Manufacturing Project Management

Large projects, especially those that take place on the global scale, are quite challenging. Strong coordination and planning skills are a must, as well as the ability to problem solve. In a recent article for Manufacturing Global, Vaishali Badgujar offers seven project management tips for manufacturers.

  1. List the requirements—Outline everything: what the project is and each task that needs to be accomplished in order to complete the project. Set goals, create milestones and establish deadlines. In this area, the more detail the better.
  2. Decide on methodology—Now that you have a firm idea of your goal in mind, you must determine how you will achieve it. In this step you choose how you and your team will approach the project.
  3. Use a good project management tool—Look for a tool that offers all the features you need, such as schedule building, timesheet templates, budget creation, progress tracking, resource management, stakeholder management and more. Flexibility is a plus.
  4. Be aware of time zones—In the event that you have team members located throughout the world, this is in important obstacle to keep in mind.
  5. Hold effective meetings—Don’t waste time; have a plan for each meeting and stick to it.
  6. Be aware of holidays—Similar to point four about time zones, make yourself aware of any pertinent holidays being celebrated at project locations (or by particular team members).
  7. Get the team involved—Delegation is key to project success. Assign tasks thoughtfully, creating the time and space you need to focus on the big picture, or on any details that require your particular attention.

For more details, see the article in full at Manufacturing Global.