Customization: The Future of Manufacturing


Nowadays, consumers want their products designed specifically for them. They can buy a new car as if they’re ordering a sandwich: red exterior, with a side of leather seats, hold the sunroof. This isn’t just a segment of the population or a trend that will diminish. It has become an expectation.

A lot of manufacturers distributors will dismiss this as a trend that only applies to other industries, but it is spreading and you could get more requests for customized products.

Some industry specialists predict a world where a customer can use an app to place a highly customized order, have that order filled by the manufacturer, and then get that order delivered by drone.

Digital technologies have made customization more prevalent. 3D CAD modeling, global manufacturing and distribution operations management platforms, supply chain synchronization and end-user apps that capture important customer demand data are all being used now. These technologies will have an increasing role in customized manufacturing.

As digital technology is implemented more seamlessly, there will be greater opportunities to provide a wider range of options to customers.

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