How Manufacturers Can Improve Recruiting Efforts

Despite the global upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many manufacturers have managed to retain their entire workforce—and a significant amount are even looking to hire additional team members. In a recent article from Industry Today, author Jeffrey Rohrs offers some tips for manufacturers in need of skilled professionals.

  1. Track Your Applicants – Consider using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to attract applicants, streamline your process, and screen for potential employees.
  2. Develop a Clear Employee Brand – In order to attract potential employees in your field, pay attention to the public face that your organization is presenting. Be aware of your social media presence, your messaging in job descriptions, and how you present your company values.
  3. Search in More than One Location – Your recruiting efforts should not be focused in a single area. Rather, take advantage of a variety of avenues, including your website, your social media accounts, local schools, and job-hunting websites.
  4. Don’t Forget to Search Internally – Encourage your existing team members to pursue upward mobility within your organization. Offer avenues for trying out new job functions or new departments. It might just be that the best candidate for an open position is already working for you.

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