You Might Not Have to Replace that Machine


Is there a piece of machinery you’re thinking about replacing? Maybe that’s not necessary. Experts agree: the best insurance policy is an effective maintenance program. However, if you’re at the point where your machine is on its last legs, here are some things to consider before you replace it.

It’s a good idea to collect downtime data from your machine. After you clean your machine, inspect it for leaking cylinders, loose or broken wires, torn or missing wipers, damaged way covers, and damaged operator windows.

Get quotes for these repairs, and compare them against the cost of a new or refurbished machine. The cost of lost production time is a big factor. What is the lead time for delivery of the new machine? What production delays will be created by additional training time and learning curve of using new equipment?

If you’ve taken these things into consideration and still feel like it’s time to replace your machine, get three separate quotes before you make your decision.

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