Why the Manufacturing Industry is not Failing


There is a false sense that the manufacturing and distribution industry in America is declining.  Although it is true that many jobs have been lost in the manufacturing and distribution sector, the idea that the industry is failing is a false narrative on the truth.  

In an article from Industry Week, Stephen Gold explains that, “There is a false sense that the manufacturing and distribution sector is in full decline with our production capabilities seriously diminished”. Gold continues, “The U.S. manufacturing’s demise is a myth. It’s a big distortion of the truth, considering

the critical role the sector still plays in our R&D, innovation, productivity, and national balance of trade”.

In this article, Gold corrects the idea that:

  • Manufacturing is in decline
  • Manufacturing is a bad career choice
  • U.S. manufacturing and distribution isn’t needed

While Gold does not dispute the facts that U.S. manufacturing and distribution is not what it used to be, he advocates for the policies and notions that will help improve the manufacturing and distribution sector. He writes, “The sector should and could be more vibrant. However, we still produce plenty of stuff here, and it is imperative we maintain a strong manufacturing and distribution base in this country”.

To read more, see the full article from Stephen Gold in Industry Week.