Using Technology to Sell Complex Parts

The sale of complex industrial parts has long been a difficult task, but new technologies are making the job easier. A new article from Thomas explains three methods for easing the stress of selling complex parts.

  1. Use an online catalog – Make things easier for your customers and yourself by developing an online product catalog. The benefits of this include flexibility to add and remove products and update features, availability worldwide and in multiple languages, and integration with a search engine to help customers find what they’re seeking more quickly.
  2. Employ configuration technology – Complex parts often require highly specific configuration. Product configurator technology makes fast and easy what was once an expensive and time-consuming task. Besides simply easing the task of configuration, this technology increases efficiency in other areas with its vast memory and useful reporting tools.
  3. Offer CAD drawings for download – CAD drawings contain key format information required by engineers and designers. Making them available for download—and in a format that is flexible—is of great use to your customers.

The article touches on other helpful technology simplifications, such as online reviews and ratings, customer testimonials, and comparison charts. For more details, read the piece in full at Thomas.