Using New Technology in the Manufacturing Workplace

As augmented reality and virtual reality technology becomes increasingly advanced, its applications to a variety of sectors grow. Manufacturing is no exception. In a recent article published by, author Jonathan Wilkins examines various applications of VR and AR technology within the manufacturing industry.

  1. Improved Production – Using VR technology to perform predictive analysis can help manufacturers discover product design flaws early on. This allows them to adjust and improve designs prior to building full-scale models. Additionally, this process can be extrapolated to the production line as a whole to detect bottlenecks and other areas of inefficiency.
  2. Improved Safety – Digital simulations can be used to predict dangerous situations before they occur in reality. This method can be used both within production facilities to improve worker safety and as a way to analyze products as if they were in the post-production stage, in order to improve consumer safety.
  3. Improved Maintenance and Training – Augmented reality technology has fantastic applications when it comes to equipment maintenance. Using AR, technicians can work on equipment without needing to constantly turn away to check charts or instruction manuals. Additionally, AR is useful in employee training, such as simulating specialty processes or emergency procedures.

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