The Rise of Machines and the Evolution of Industrial Work

Technology has made way to the advancement of automation in many factories across the globe. Although there seems to be a looming concern about the safety of jobs in the manufacturing and distribution industry, skilled employees will continue to be an important part of creating a successful factory.

In an article from Industry Week author Yan-David Erlich writes, “In an era where robots are hitting their stride, humans are still very much necessary”. Erlich even points out that, “Parts of industrial work will always involve navigating difficult terrain, delicately manipulating heavy tools, and decision-making when there isn’t enough data or information”.

In his article, Erlich discusses:

  • The percentage of manufacturing and distribution activities that could be automated
  • Why automation increases the complexity of an overall system
  • What skills employees should be gaining to avoid losing their job to automation

Erlich writes, “It is a fallacy to think that industrial robots, AI and machines will eliminate the need for industrial workers. By placing too much credence on this fantasy we risk neglecting our most important resource: human potential”.  What are some of the ways your company can brace for the impact of automation?

See the full article from Yan-David Erlich in Industry Week.