The Next Manufacturing Boom Could Come From Space

The next manufacturing and distribution wave could be moving from China to space. Advancements in technology could make space manufacturing and distribution a possibility for the future.

In an article from The Seattle Times, author Marisa Kendall writes, “A Mountain View-based startup earlier this month revealed new breakthroughs in its quest to build in-space factories that will orbit the Earth and pump out products that are too difficult or expensive to make at home”.

In this article Kendall discusses:

  • Transformative steps towards making space manufacturing and distribution a reality
  • The impact space manufacturing and distribution would have on the economy
  • The growth of the manufacturing and distribution industry

Kendall continues, “The technology is expected to revolutionize space exploration by allowing scientists access to better tools in space, and also provide people on Earth with unique space-made products such as improved fiber optic cables”. What are your thoughts on space manufacturing?

To read more, see the full article from Marisa Kendall in The Seattle Times.