The Explosive Impact of Digitization on the Manufacturing Industry

All phases of the manufacturing industry are being held to a higher standard of efficiency, thanks in part to the digital revolution. From the supply chains to sales representatives, consumers are demanding more.

In an article from Global Manufacturing, Dr. Sanjoy Paul writes, “ Across the production, distribution and end-customer phases, [manufacturers] are being driven by market forces to find new ways to improve processes and results, address safety regulations and ensure production efficiency”.

In the article, Dr. Paul discusses:

  • Connected plant: asset game changer
  • Driving digital awareness
  • The new normal

Dr. Paul continues, “Digital is touching and transforming every aspect of the manufacturing industry. Over the next 12 to 24 months, digital will become all pervasive, helping productivity, efficiency and customer experience to reach new levels. As digital will become the new normal, business models will change. Everything else will be history”. Will your manufacturing company be up to the task?

To read more, see the full article from Dr. Paul Sanjoy in Global Manufacturing.