Technology Plays Role In Manufacturing Skills Gap

Are automated systems to blame for the current skills gap in the manufacturing industry? For workers in the industry, it is time to add value and expertise to your resume.  

In an article from Manufacturing Business Technology, authors Michael Gretczko and Ina Gantcheva write, “Employers want to help their workers develop new skills, but many don’t know how to further train personnel without halting production or taking people away from their posts. If manufacturers cannot identify solutions, the skills gap that threatens the industry is likely to persist into the future. The good news? There are technologies that can address the skills gap and keep employees at the center of production, and do so without slowing the pace of work”.

In the article, Gretczko and Gantcheva discuss:

  • The challenges of Industry 4.0
  • Technology can help overcome these challenges
  • VR and AR as educational tools

Gretczko and Gantcheva continue, “Workers have not been fully replaced by automated systems. Trained, educated employees are as important as they have ever been to the manufacturing industry, even as their roles change. But they should find new ways to add value, and continually develop expertise that cannot be relegated to machines”. How can your business use technology to close the skills gap?

To read more, see the full article from Michael Gretczko and Ina Gantcheva in Manufacturing Business Technology.