Supply Chain Predictions: 2017


Shifts in technology had a great impact on supply chain management in 2016. What will 2017 bring? In his new article, “2017 Technology Supply Chain Predictions,” Gary Brooks gives some insight into what the year could bring.

“Having the right parts in the right place at the right time is critical to a company’s ability to maximize uptime of the product they sell,” explains Brooks. “Maximizing uptime of these revenue generating assets is what customers care about most, and if the equipment is down, the manufacturer is losing money and pushing customers away.” Here are some of Brooks’ predictions for 2017:

  • The shift to cloud-based technology will continue.
  • Predictive analytics will finally be mainstream.
  • Wearables in the supply chain have a lot of potential — but real obstacles.
  • Driverless vehicles and drones play a bigger role in the supply chain.

To read about Brooks’ predictions in greater depth, see his full article from Industrial Distribution.