RFID: The New Barcode

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Remember how the barcode revolutionized the way people do business and measure inventory? That was back in the 1970s, but what’s next? Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) is the future for manufacturers. RFID is helping manufacturers distributors and retailers more efficiently collect data. Although RFID has been around since the 1990s, it has steadily gained in popularity. Wifi or Bluetooth technology can even allow manufacturers distributors to utilize their current infrastructure with RFID tags.

RFID tags can store more information than a simple barcode. They can often store information at several points, such as with items requiring maintenance. These tags can become essentially a maintenance log that can be accessed during an item’s lifespan. Early on, manufacturers distributors had to print and encode their own labels on-site. However, now RFID labels can be printed off-site to save time and streamline processes. More manufacturers distributors – as well as retailers and those in other industries – will continue to embrace RFID technology as it becomes more available and affordable.

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