Pursuing Revenue Growth in Your Manufacturing Business

For manufacturers, pursuing revenue growth is a must. In a recent article for Manufacturing.net, author Kyle Uebelhor offers some strategy recommendations for manufacturing leaders as we enter the new year.

  • Connect with your top clients and sales team. Glean key information from your clients and work with your team to establish a strategy for your year.
  • Evaluate your current value propositions and consider whether they require any adjustments.
  • Review your opportunity and product development pipelines. Be sure that your efforts in both areas are focused, measurable, and robust.
  • Take the time to assess your first-line sales managers and adjust your team as necessary.
  • Evaluate your sales compensation program to ensure that its structure incentivizes your team to pursue the correct goals.

For more details, read the article in full at Manufacturing.net. Be sure to contact your De Boer, Baumann & Company business advisor with questions.