Keeping the Manufacturing Industry Strong

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China and other countries are currently facing challenges to their once thriving manufacturing and distribution sector, and all signs in the US are pointing to a growing industry now seen as a “rising star” in the world market. This boom can be attributed to an abundance of natural gas cutting energy costs, an increase in auto sales, and a host of other factors. Now, the US manufacturing and distribution industry is growing at its fastest pace within the past three years. However, there is one obstacle standing in the way of a full US resurgence – a lack of skilled American workers.

In 2014, The Aspen Institute Manufacturing and Society in the 21st Century Program convened leaders in the industry to share ideas on how to meet the demand for a more highly skilled workforce. A few of the attendees who are implementing programs here in the US shared their thoughts on the American workforce skills gap in manufacturing and distribution and possible solutions to close it.

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