More Efficient Industrial Energy Management


Energy propels your business. From the climate and working conditions to the manufacturing and distribution of your product, energy is involved with every aspect of your operation. Senior industry specialists discussed the myths about energy management, and how you can maximize what you use.

First, look at the three driving factors of energy costs: how is energy bought, when is it used, and how is it used? Tracking your billing history and line items would be a good place to start. Are there demand charges that could be reduced by shifting operations to a different time of day? If you can operate non-essential equipment to off-peak hours, you could keep costs lower.

Forward thinking can help manage energy costs in the future, if you implement them in the planning stage. When you expand or build new facilities, energy efficient equipment and best practices can help keep operating costs low. Involve your whole team, including workers on the shopfloor and mechanical room.

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