Millennials in Your Workforce

Work and Life Balance

A recent article from Manufacturing Business Technology talks about Millennials and how they approach work. The article includes a chart based on a survey of what’s important to Millennials in the job market. The article is entitled “Millennials Believe in Life After Work,” if that gives you a hint about their top priority.

A good work/life balance was listed as their prime motivator in choosing a job. They were also very interested in jobs offering advancement or leadership opportunities, as well as flexibility.

A sense of meaning from the work they perform was rated 4th on the list. This is something employers are hearing more and more from the Millennial demographic. Since that is the case, make sure you are really conveying to them the service they are providing to clients, and how the work they do fits into a larger picture. These are the things that they find motivating. As your clients look for more customized solutions, this is an opportunity for your workers to see how their skill set and the work they do directly benefits your client base. These workers are looking for high levels of engagement, and it is important for them to see their value in the operation.

To read more about the survey of Millennials and their work preferences, see the full article.