What Manufacturing Will Look Like In 2020

What does this year hold for the manufacturing industry? A recent article from Manufacturing Business Technology makes three key predictions about what will impact the industry most in 2020.

  1. 5G-Connected Manufacturing Devices – The incidence of 5G connectivity between manufacturing devices is predicted to skyrocket in 2020. This type of connection is lightning fast and able to manage large amounts of data. It is perfect for allowing industrial automation equipment to communicate rapidly and seamlessly.
  2. The Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) Model – A more direct line of communication between manufacturers and end consumers will expand in 2020. This is a more efficient business model that can result in higher revenue and better outcomes.
  3. Artificial Intelligence – More and more manufacturers will invest in AI technology in 2020. This was already a big trend last year, and it will only continue to grow. AI can help create new processes, predict issues before they occur, and help to tailor products to customers’ desires.

For more details, read the article in full at Manufacturing Business Technology.