Manufacturing in Growth and Transition


Manufacturing output in the United States is at the highest level it has even been. However, it still feels like the industry is lagging. Why is this?

In an article from Industry Week, author Michael Hicks writes, “As the world economy dipped in 2015 and 2016, so too did U.S. industrial production. We are back at a record level of industrial output. It’s worth noting that total U.S. industrial production is more than twice what it was back in 1979, when employment peaked. And yes, of course, that is adjusted for inflation”.

In the article, Hicks discusses:

  • The U.S. manufacturing rebound after the Great Recession
  • Ignorance regarding the industry’s stability
  • The real story

Hicks continues, “The quite simple truth is that manufacturing in America is doing extremely well and is enjoying record levels of production. At the same time, the places factories are located and the people who work in these factories have gone through epic change”. Will this manufacturing trend continue?

To read more, see the full article from Michael Hicks in Industry Week.