Manufacturing Day is Friday, October 7th


Each year, the Manufacturing industry makes a coordinated effort across the country to engage the public. Many misconceptions about the industry persist, and Manufacturing Day is one way of changing the way the industry is perceived. It’s been apparent for some time now that there are labor shortages, and that steps need to be taken with the younger generations to ensure an ample workforce in years to come.

There are events all over the country at different venues, including schools, manufacturing and distribution facilities, and community colleges. Some events are geared toward displaying new products and systems to business owners, others are dedicated to educating the next generation about what the industry is all about. Many students aren’t aware of the robust salaries available in the industry. They also aren’t aware of the ways STEM applications are being used in manufacturing. Facility tours, demonstrations, and informational fairs are all things you’ll find across the country this Friday. What events have you planned for Manufacturing Day?

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