Manufacturing Day Influences Students

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According to a recent study, 2015’s Manufacturing Day has had a positive influence on the public’s perception of working in the manufacturing and distribution industry. The survey’s distribution reached more than 2,500 student, teachers and parents who provided insight about how the Manufacturing Day events impacted local communities. Eighty-one percent of students who participated in the survey are now convinced that manufacturing and distribution provides careers that are interesting and rewarding. Seventy-one percent of student participants said they are more likely to talk to friends, parents and colleagues about manufacturing and distribution since attending Manufacturing Day events.

Manufacturers also had the opportunity to respond to the survey’s results. Those who participated in Manufacturing Day expressed positive feedback about their experiences with 94% saying they found value in participating, and 88% indicating their plans to continue engaging with area high schools and colleges.

Manufacturing Day gives manufacturers distributors the opportunity to give outsiders a look into their industry. At Manufacturing Day events, manufacturers distributors have the chance to work together to address misconceptions about manufacturing and distribution and real concerns about skilled labor shortages. This is also an opportunity for manufacturers distributors to connect with future generations and take charge of the public image of the manufacturing and distribution industry.

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