IOT And The Digitization of Manufacturing

Advances in technology has caused manufacturers distributors to adapt a system that incorporates data more efficiently into the workplace. If manufactures are going to survive, they need to adapt a mentality that allows them to catch up on the data-driven challenge.

In an article from Industry Week authors Lars Faeste and Antoine Gourevitch write, “Firms in many industries – including manufacturing and distribution – tend to employ a methodical, process-oriented approach to adopting new technology, and the timeframe for a transformation effort can be years”.

In the article Faeste and Gourevitch discuss:

  • Using quick wins to learn and fund the data journey
  • Design the companywide transformation
  • Organize for sustained performance

Faeste and Gourevitch continue, “Many CEOs wonder how their organizations can pull off a data-driven transformation. The good news is that this three-step model can help a company move fast, get quick wins, and at the same time create a transformation roadmap that will make the gains from digitization stick”. How can your company employ these three steps to begin your digital transformation?

To read more, see the full article from Lars Faeste and Antoine Gourevitch in Industry Week.