How to Slow Employee Turnover in Manufacturing Firms

Universally, the cost of employee turnover is felt in both the budget and the overall culture of a company. With a turnover rate 33% higher than other industries in the U.S., manufacturers need to develop strong initiatives to maintain good employees. In addition to high turnover, these companies also struggle to attract younger workers who are typically not looking to for labor jobs.

To combat this issue, Kevin Ledversis, offered a few thoughts in a recent article for

  1. Set them up for success by offering ample training that fits each type of learner. Furthermore, offer continuing education to help employees develop both personally and professionally.
  2. Be available. Is your management team easily accessible when needs arise on the floor? If not, make adjustments so employees can get a quick response to issues. Additionally, provide a variety of opportunities for employees to offer feedback and suggestions.
  3. Focus on health. Most manufacturing jobs require strenuous activity and physical demands. Show your employees their overall health matters by investing in products that will reduce physical stress, such as anti-fatigue mats, and add greater comfort with new break-room furniture. You may also consider adjusting processes on the floor to remove unnecessary strain on the body.
  4. Add value. The average person will spend 1/3 of their life at work. Make that time count by focusing on the person. This can be accomplished by offering gym memberships, community gardens, birthday recognitions, assistance with childcare, etc.
  5. Take notice. The daily accomplishments of your team should be recognized and celebrated. You might also consider offering rewards for staff success. Ultimately, it’s important to find a way to show appreciation for their commitment and hard-work.

Reducing turnover begins with focusing on the individual. Once you improve the overall climate in your facility, you will likely see an increase in productivity and a reduction in expenses. To read the full article on How To Reduce Turnover And Improve Productivity On The Manufacturing Floor, visit

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