How to set up or improve your e-commerce site

Digital Globe

Hopefully you have an e-commerce site up and running. If not, what’s holding you back? Sometimes it can be a desire to maintain the relationships they have with resellers, and they think offering e-commerce directly to end users will weaken that relationship.

If you’re still on the fence about whether it’s the right decision for your business, here are some things to consider: you’re missing out on additional revenue and a chance to get a broader audience. There is a shorter sales cycle by selling directly to end-users, and you’re able to display large quantities of products in a more user-friendly way. Maybe it’s time to take the leap to e-commerce?

To get the most out of your site, there are some steps you’ll have to take first. It may be a time-consuming process in the beginning, but once you get a few criteria in place, you’ll enjoy greater success than if you rush through without a strategy.

You’ll have to do some research to figure out what e-commerce site is right for you. There are several different platforms to choose from. It’s worth the money to hire a professional to set up your site. Keep in mind, it’s an investment. You want your site to be consistent with your brand, and also be easy to use. If online shoppers don’t find your site user-friendly, they are more likely not to complete their transactions, and take their business elsewhere.

If you’ve already gotten on board with e-commerce, you understand the additional value it brings to your business. But are there ways you could improve? You’ll have to collect and review as much data as you can, in order to figure out what’s working and what tweaks you could make. You’ll need to start with Google Analytics. If this sounds like a daunting task, you may want to hire a marketing specialist to consult with you on how to set this up.

Once it’s established and you are trained on how to use it, it’s something you could do on your own. However, don’t avoid doing it because you see it as an unnecessary expense. This information is vital sales data. Looking over these figures, you call tell a lot about consumer behavior. Who is buying your products, which products are most popular, how are you getting most of your traffic, and how does this data compare to traditional channels?

Using this data, you can choose products based on what generates the most revenue. You can spotlight new products and refresh your inventory depending on what customers are buying. Don’t miss the opportunity to market directly to consumers.

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