How to Connect Design and Manufacturing Teams

Cloud-based computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are some advances in technology that have led us closer to a “push-button manufacturing” future. However, design and manufacturing and distribution remain disconnected.

According to an article from The Manufacturer, “The need for closing the gap between design and manufacturing and distribution teams is overwhelmingly compelling; traditionally, by the time a product has been designed, only 8% of the product budget has been spent, but 80% of the cost of the product has been locked in”

In this article, The Manufacturer discusses three approaches to software solutions:

  • Check the design against the rules
  • Check the design against manufacturing and distribution capabilities
  • Generate a manufacturable design

Using technologies may be the key to finding new innovative ways to connect design and manufacturing. The article writes, “Key technologies are reaching their maturity and are becoming more applicable, while industry forces are pushing for a closer integration between design and manufacturing”.

To read more, see the full article from The Manufacturer.