How LinkedIn Can Help Your Business


You have probably learned a lot over the last few years about marketing through social media. So how are you utilizing LinkedIn? It’s not enough to simply have a profile. Here is what you need to know to get the most out of this marketing tool.

First, you need to build your network. You don’t have to be best friends with people to connect with them. Former and present coworkers, customers, people you went to school with, even other manufacturers distributors and suppliers can all be useful resources on LinkedIn. When you add a contact, be sure to personalize the message so it doesn’t sound like it came from a robot.

Sometimes people confuse LinkedIn connections with Facebook friends. Get rid of that idea. Friends can still be professional contacts, but broaden your circle beyond that group. This is LinkedIn – the place for building professional networks, not looking at cat videos or photos of people’s dinner.

Some manufacturers distributors make the mistake of thinking they don’t have much content to share. Not true at all! Industry reports, new product innovations, and blog posts are all perfect for LinkedIn. Consider sharing one of our blog posts to get the ball rolling!

Experts have a word of caution: try not to talk about yourself or your products each time you post. Their advice is to ask yourself, “Would I take the time to read this?” You’ve got a lot more to share than you think, and you will be an asset to your network the more strong content you add.

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