How IoT Can Drive a Productivity Revolution in US Manufacturing

Technology has significantly impacted the United States manufacturing industry. Assembly lines, robotics, and advanced computing have attributed to the revolution of the industry. But there is another form of technology that can help manufacturing – the Internet of Things.

In an article from Network World, author Gary Eastwood writes, “The Internet of Things, which has captured the attention of investors and futurist alike as it continues to reshape our markets and everyday lives, is now generating buzz around a new topic: manufacturing. Business and tech analyst are increasingly coming to realize the boon that the IoT can offer to U.S. manufacturing, a fact the wealthiest companies and savviest innovators are already exploiting”.

In this article Eastwood discusses:

  • IoT and the productivity revolution
  • Putting manufacturing data to work
  • A new way to produce

Eastwood continues, “The IoT isn’t only empowering manufacturers to revolutionize how they use collaboration software and machines, however. The data companies are using from the IoT is also helping them develop and maintain their human capital, too. Improved worker safety and better workforce management achieved via more-connected managers who are more in-tune with the factory’s needs thanks to real-time data analysis can also be achieved by firms willing to embrace the IoT-driven manufacturing process”. Has IoT made in impact on your manufacturing company?

To read more, see the full article from Gary Eastwood in Network World.