Equipping your Factory for Improved Materials Handling


Whether you are in the logistics leg of the manufacturing and distribution supply chain, or your factory could use an upgrade for sorting product, a recent article by Bridget McCrea, published by Modern Materials Handling, can provide you with an apt overview of recent improvements made by others in the industry. The article, titled “Conveyors and Sortation Keep up the Pace,” highlights the need for manufacturers distributors and distribution centers (DC) to have the latest technology in place.

While eCommerce plays a large role in the need for factories and DCs to be well-organized, conveyors and sortation systems do so as well, and can also increase safety and make production leaner.

Keeping pace with eCommerce can be challenging for some manufacturers. In addition to ensuring that product is available, your factory or DC can benefit from sorting packages internally, bringing you one step closer to the consumer. One manager McCrea interviewed for the article noted that an important benefit of internal sorting, rather than contracting out to a delivery company such as UPS or FedEx, is reduced costs associated with shipping.

Conveyors are also helpful for internal processes throughout the production line. By having goods transported from one station to the next via conveyor, each worker can move on to their next task more quickly; your business will certainly benefit from the efficiencies  associated with improved transport within your facility. In addition to increased safety measures here, there are also safety requirements that can be met by adding or upgrading conveyors and sorters at your business.

As another business owner notes, the increased speed of production and delivery created by the so-called “Amazon effect,” where consumers expect quick turnarounds, calls for increased attention to worker safety.

See more details on the benefits of implementing or upgrading conveyor and sorting systems by reading the full article on MMH.com.