Digital Transformation for Manufacturing

Using technology to expand your business services has been a recent theme in the business world. For the manufacturing industry, digital transformation opens the gates to numerous possibilities.

In an article from, author Chuck Rathmann writes, “When thinking of digital transformation, businesses such as Uber and Lyft come to mind, as they harness mobile technologies to manage workforces and service offerings that disrupt traditional taxi companies. But according a new Enterprise Software Mobility and Digital Transformation study of 200 industrial executives, mobility represents just as large of an opportunity for industrial organizations as it does for the likes of Uber”.

In the article Rathmann discusses:

  • Manufacturing digital transformation and mobility
  • Companies in the minority
  • One device, many benefits

Rathmann continues, “From transforming processes within the four walls of a plant to outward bound field service management, mobility matters for manufacturers more than ever”. How does your manufacturing company use the benefits of digital technology?

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