Did Trump’s Solar Tariffs Just Launch a US Manufacturing Renaissance?

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President Trump has promised to bring manufacturing jobs back into the US, but his recent solar tariff may be doing the opposite.

In an article from Green Tech Media, author Julia Pyper writes, “The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) calculates the trade remedies will trigger 23,000 job losses this year alone across the broader solar industry, which currently employs some 260,000 workers”.

In the article, Pyper discusses:

  • DOE introduces the “American Made Solar Prize”
  • Module makers ramp up U.S. manufacturing
  • Will foreign manufactures come?

Pyper continues, “It takes months to build and set up a module assembly facility in the U.S. and up to two years to set up a cell manufacturing plant. Given that the tariff will only be in place for four years, and that it declines each year, there simply may not be enough time to open a U.S. facility in a way that makes economic sense”. Will these tariffs impact our manufacturing company?

To read more, see the full article from Julia Pyper in Green Tech Media.