Change Starts at the Top

Change is often key to a manufacturer’s ability to remain successful. Unfortunately, resistance to change often starts with top management, explains Paul Vuolle in a recent article for Industry Week.

The key to successful change, then, is buy-in on the top level. Company leaders need to be on board with committing to and implementing change. Vuolle offers the following recommendations for manufacturing leaders seeking to successfully execute change:

  1. Practice what you preach by being an example of the change you want to see in your company.
  2. Focus on team building in order to build trust and communication throughout your team.
  3. Employ processes with clear instruction and direction are key.
  4. Don’t be afraid to adjust your plans when you find an area or a role that’s simply not working.
  5. Motivate your team to perform better by reminding them that moving up is always an option.
  6. Celebrate all of your successes along the way.
  7. Thank your team for the efforts they make, even in spite of failures.
  8. Be willing to invest heavily in necessary training.

For more details, read the article in full at Industry Week.