Can Your Leaders Manage Crisis?


When you look for new management, what do you consider? Recruiters are saying that more and more employers want to hire workers who can manage crisis and change. How do you know if you’re hiring someone who will rise to the occasion? Sometimes you won’t know until they are tested, and by then it can be too late. Here are somethings to look for in the hiring process.

During the interview process, ask candidates about change management skills. Ask for specific examples. Have them describe the situation, what they did to address it, and what the impact was on the organization and the client. If the candidate gives vague answers and can’t give you much detail, you’ll know they probably don’t have the experience to handle a crisis situation, should one arise.

Make sure your candidate has the necessary skills to lead the team through a crisis or change. In addition to a strong project management background, the individual should also have experience in new product development, changing product mix, and hiring and retention of staff as needed to adapt to the changing circumstances.

You might want to consider bringing in a candidate from another sector. There are conflicting opinions about whether this can bring positive change to your operation, but often, a new perspective can bring a lot to the table. This is especially helpful if the person has experience implementing changes or processes that you would like to put in place. Sometimes bringing in talent from outside the industry can be met with resistance, so be sure it’s what’s best for your team and your organization.

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