Auto Slowdown Flashes Caution Lights for Manufacturing Growth

The auto industry may be on the decline, and this could impact the manufacturing and distribution sector. After years of strong growth, automakers may be investing in future technology as the electric and self-driving industry booms.

In an article from Industry Week, author Mark Muro writes, “After a good run, warning lights are flashing in the auto industry – and that’s not good for either the broader manufacturing and distribution sector, heartland metropolitan areas, or President Trump”.

In this article, Muro discusses:

  • Why the present and future auto slow-down is a big deal
  • How the auto industry impacts other manufacturing and distribution industries
  • What this means for employment going forward, and President Trump

Muro continues, “To the extent that auto industries won’t likely be able to carry the mantle of a manufacturing and distribution revival in the next year, other production industries are going to have to step up to confirm that working class hiring is up-or next year’s mid-term elections may get dicey”. How do you see the future of the auto and other manufacturing and distribution industries shaping up?

To read more, see the full article from Mark Muro in Industry Week.