Achieving Perfect Delivery with a Lean Supply Chain

The most fundamental requirement of a manufacturing and distribution business is proper delivery performance. Long lead times, poor forecasting, and ineffective product management can cause your delivery performance to be subpar.

In an article from Industry Week, author Tim McLean writes, “Due dates get shifted, tolerances get allowed and lead times get imposed on customers. If you want to know how good your business’ delivery performance is, there is only one person to ask- your customer”.

In this article McLean discusses:

  • 3 categories companies usually fall in
  • Long lead times
  • Understanding demand and supply at the right level
  • Effective product management

McLean continues, “My suggestion is start with the problem – on time in full delivery – and then pragmatically select the tools and techniques that give your business the best outcome. Whether you have a “Class A” supply chain or are truly “lean” is less important than whether your customers get what they want, when they want it in the quantity they want every time”. Can your manufacturing and distribution business improve your delivery performance?

To read more, see the full article from Tim McLean in Industry Week.