5 Ways to Advance Robotics in Manufacturing

Is a robot revolution just over the horizon? While there is no doubt that robotics are changing nearly every industry, the biggest industry impacted may be the manufacturing and distribution industry.

In an article from ZD Net, author Stephanie Condon writes, “the automated tools that could be used in warehouses and on factory floors have a long ways to go before they can help transform American manufacturing, according to Howie Choset, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute and CTO of the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM) in Pittsburgh”.

In this article Condon discusses:

  • Building multi-purpose robots
  • Improve collaborative robotics
  • More government funding
  • More resources to support small businesses and workers

Choset continues, “The reality is jobs are changing. What should we do? The answer isn’t to not embrace automation,” he said. “The answer is, let’s focus on workforce training… It’s no longer the case that someone enters the manufacturing and distribution world and has the same job throughout his whole career. You are going to be changing roles and responsibilities throughout your career, and you should learn how to use robots as well”. How will automation and robotics influence your business?

To read more, see the full article from Stephanie Condon in ZD Net.