4 Principles for Manufacturers Adopting Collaborative Robots

The manufacturing industry may have some new employees. An article from Chief Executive explains how collaborative robots are being used to automate small tasks and simple procedures.

In the article, author Craig Guillot writes, “A recent study by ABI Research found that 13% of manufacturing companies surveyed have collaborative robot systems in operation, while another 15% expect to have them operational within the next year. Dan Kara, Research Director of Robotics at ABI Research, said that while the adoption of industrial robots has been limited by high costs and complex programming requirements, co-bots are easy to program, flexible and can work safely in close proximity of humans”.

In the article Guillot discusses:

  • What a collaborative robot is
  • How collaborative robots can help manufactures
  • 4 principles outlining how manufacturers should utilize robots

Guillot continues, “Bouchard said that while a manufacturer’s first robot project can seem daunting, it quickly opens up the door to other opportunities. The flexibility, mobility and small size of co-bots means that they can be programmed and used to handle multiple tasks. This allows them to grow with a manufacturer’s operations or adapt depending on the availability of human labor”. Have you thought of using a collaborative robot in your manufacturing company?

To read more, see the full article from Craig Guillot in Chief Executive.