Manufacturing Technology In the New Year

Technological innovations are having an explosive impact in the manufacturing sector. A recent article from Industry Week makes some predictions for the direction of manufacturing technology in 2020.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) – This refers to technology such as 3D printing, where materials are joined together, usually layer by layer, to create new objects. Advances in this area have made mass production and the creation of end-use applications a reality.

Freer Product Design – AM frees manufacturers up from the tooling constraints of traditional subtractive manufacturing. It is able to adapt easily to design adjustments and uses approximately 30-50% less material.

Products-as-a-Service – As manufacturing processes become more optimized, which is made possible by the advent of many new technologies, the ability of manufacturers to deliver products-as-a-service increases.

On-Demand Manufacturing – 3D printing allows manufacturers to escape from the constraints of part sourcing and long lead times. Manufacturers can easily create customized parts on demand.

Connected Enterprises – Organizations that find success in this area are those that keep their focus on their goals and priorities and implement the technologies that will best help them achieve these things. A focus on technology in order to improve operations—not just for technology’s sake—is key.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – These technologies as applied to the supply chain have an enormous positive impact on effectiveness. Supply chain digitization increase visibility, responsiveness, and more.

Servitization – This term refers to the ability of manufacturers to develop additional capabilities and solutions that supplement their current product offerings. AI and IoT technology will make this even more of a possibility in 2020.

For more details, read the article in full at Industry Week.